Buy furnished or unfurnished house What is the best option?

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Sometimes, when we find a second-hand home that we “fall in love with”, we wonder if there is the possibility of acquiring it with that furniture that gives it so much personality and style.

In other cases, it is the owners who offer us the option of buying the furnished house by negotiating a higher sale price or making an independent contract with Sky Marketing.

But are we really interested in buying a furnished house? What are the advantages of buying a home with furniture included compared to buying an empty apartment? How is this aspect reflected in the contract? Is it necessary to do any special procedure?

We answer these and other related questions below.

Is it worth buying a furnished home? Is it a good investment? 

The answer to these questions is not always easy and it is not absolute either, since it depends on each specific case.

Even so, more and more sellers choose to leave the furniture in their old house to save a move or because in their new home they are going to opt for another decorative style. For this reason, buying a furnished house is usually not much more expensive than buying it empty, and the price difference is not as high as when we rent an empty or furnished apartment.

Therefore, money should not be the main motivation for making this decision even if it involves long-term savings, both in financial terms and in terms of inconvenience.

Advantages of buying a home with furniture included 

Some of the advantages of buying a furnished flat or house are:

  • It can be a “breathing space” for your finances. The initial outlay to furnish a house is usually quite high. In addition, when we buy a house, we assume a lot of expenses in a short time and we have to “throw away savings.” In this sense, a furnished home can give you some scope to organize your finances.
  • You will not have to wait to move into your new home. The moment you sign the deeds before a notary, you can settle in. This represents a significant saving, especially if you live for rent.
  • You will not waste time on additional steps such as buying furniture or measuring the ones you already have to see if they fit in your new home. In addition, moving can be exhausting: if you buy a house with furniture, you will only have to move your most personal belongings, something that is usually comfortable and fast.
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  • If you wish, you can combine the furniture in the house that you have bought with the furniture you already have. You can also sell the furniture that you don’t want to keep. The second-hand market is very busy, and it will not be difficult for you to earn a small “extra” income from them.

Disadvantages of buying a furnished home 

Although buying a furnished home can be a good investment, before making the decision you should assess possible drawbacks, including:

  • You can find yourself with an excess of furniture … and work. If you already have your own furniture, buying a furnished house can be a problem, since you will have to find the exact point and see what furniture you keep and which ones you throw away, give away or sell. In addition, if once the furniture is installed you are not convinced, you will have to get rid of the furniture in the house, with the double workload of emptying an apartment.
  • You will not feel the house as “totally yours”. Being in a house whose furniture you have not chosen or you do not like can cause you to end up developing a feeling of detachment or rejection, and even that you do not feel comfortable in your new home.
  • If you need to do a deep cleaning, painting, or renovations, furniture can be an inconvenience. In these cases, we recommend that you consider whether you want to buy the house furnished or not.

What type of furniture are you interested in keeping?

In addition to the issues that we have just discussed, before buying a house with furniture included, you must be clear about what items you are interested in and which ones are not. Some of the furniture that should be kept are:

  • Sofas and armchairs

One of the pieces of furniture that we can make the most of is sofas or armchairs. Due to their size, they are difficult to transport and, if they are in good condition, they represent a significant money-saving. So, before keeping them, check them to make sure they don’t have insects. Then make them yours with new covers, upholstery, cushions, pillows, etc. 

  • Bed bases and mattresses

Bed bases and mattresses are essential to enter to live in a house, and having them can also mean significant financial savings. If the mattresses are in good condition and do not have much use, you can consider keeping them, although it is more common to replace them. Regarding bed bases or couches, you can take advantage of them without a problem.

  • Home appliances

Another important issue is the electrical appliances. These are usually quite easy to keep. Check them, clean them and save yourself some money.

  • Antique or rustic furniture with personality

With this definition we refer to both furniture and peculiar decorative elements such as coat racks, lamps, tables, rocking chairs or auxiliary furniture with special charm.

And what do I do with furniture that doesn’t convince me? 

In this case, you can bet on throwing them away, selling them or restoring them. And it is that, although a priori a dresser, a shelf or a table does not fit you, by printing a new coat of paint or some small touches as new handles, you can give them a new style.

On the Internet you will find hundreds of manuals or practical tips that may be useful to you.

Thinking of buying a furnished home? This is our recommendation as experts 

Our advice as professionals in the real estate sector is that you consider looking for a furnished house only if you do not have your own furniture, if you are urgent to move into your new house or if, for the moment, you do not want to make reforms or spend more money than what necessary.

Another important aspect is that, when buying a house with furniture, you disclose the price of the same in the property deed. The most common is to make a list and an approximate appraisal. This option is advantageous for both parties, as it can lead to a significant reduction in taxes.

For the buyer, the Property Transfer Tax (ITP) applies a lower percentage to the price of furniture than to the price of the house. In addition, if you buy a home as an investment to rent, you can amortize the personal income tax on the price applied to the furniture more quickly.

For the seller, making a breakdown of the price of the furniture in the deed will also have a tax saving, since, by declaring a lower sale price of the house, the profit for which it will be taxed in your personal income tax will be less.

Of course, you can also make a contract for the sale of all the furniture or a part of it independent of the sale of the home with Tajarat properties. However, our advice is that the furniture is included in the deed to carry out a single management and to have more margin when negotiating the price of the house.



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