We believe that skills certification will create a huge ecosystem where people will rate each other and certify correlated skills.

As happens with any rating mechanism, it is important to give incentives to trustful certificators and discourage fake certifications.

Now, how to push people to provide trustful certifications?

The approach is to use a mixed solution where from one side an algorithm will try to understand if someone is not providing a proper rate.

A fake certificator, in the long term will reach a ‘credibility’ value reduced gradually until such value reaches ‘0’.

From that moment on:

1) each further certification from this person will be ignored
2) if this person will request a certification from another one, the ‘received’ score will be automatically downgraded

From the other side, a trustful certificator will receive FDU grants ( where FDU=Fiduxa Coin) for each proper certification given.

From that moment on:

1) each further certification value will be automatically upgraded
2) each time an HR company will use the given certification, the related FDU grants will be converted in actual FDUs and assigned to the certificator as incentive

So from one side we’ll ignore fake certificators and from the other side gift quality certificators.

The algorithm behind this methodology is pretty complex and has been developed in a modular way so that can be updated gradually as we will verify its effectiveness.

In our roadmap also we have planned the integration of this algorithm with Artificial Intelligence processes in order to further improve the quality of our service both to recruiters and to job seekers.

Visit www.fiduxa.com website and go through the whitepaper or test the MVP