The power of the blockchain to provide a trustful permanent certification of personal skills and competencies

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Fiduxa is a blockchain startup on a mission to disrupt $550 billion recruitment industry, thereby saving corporations money and people time. Fiduxa is a platform to provide a trustful, permanent certification of skills and competencies. Along the way, there is also the neat trick that people are being paid to submit their data.

Fiduxa is a new digital record keeper, using the blockchain to simplify the recruitment process. The company offers an innovative platform for career documents, making it cheaper to hire, and be hired. By breaking the job-seeking cycle Fiduxa will shorten the gap in trust in the process, saving time and money.

To address the problem of trust in the digital age.

Fiduxa is a decentralized platform which enables people to attest their experience to companies. 
Fiduxa enables people to move jobs and countries more seamlessly. The trustful profile that we create will allow companies to validate, attest, individuals and reduce onerous paperwork costing individuals hundreds of dollars and companies thousands.

We have created the first MVP version of the certification process, with key functionalities that form the core of the application, including:

· Multiple levels of certification, attestation
· APIs for educational establishments
· Integration to social networks
· Blockchain integration
· APIs to begin the next phase of integration, including use cases such as corporate hiring


The FIDUXA Token is built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Token Symbol: FDU
Total Tokens: 100 million
Token Standard: ERC20
Hard Cap: 25,000 ETH

Token Value

Fiduxa, the usable interface between people and their next step in life. We are creating a seamless decentralized world for job movers and employers by enhancing trust in recruitment. The Fiduxa team is already on the road to executing on the program. We’ve completed the seed round enabled the MVP build and ICO Crowsdsale preparation. Check our Roadmap.

Fiduxa today is based on over 40 years of experience in the IT and Government Services businesses. Fiduxa team is serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology, security and multiple business verticals.

20+ years of experience in technology and business development. Andrew is a Blockchain evangelist, Smart City digital transformation consultant and architect. He is currently working on blockchain use cases for government and real estate customers, including permanent and trusted digital documents.

22+ years of experience in information technology, large-scale systems and mobile applications. Pietro is a Committee Member for ISO TC 307 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies standards. Pietro is an expert in government blockchain applications and is focused on blockchain implementations, including work with several governments across the world.

Visit our website for the most updated list of our team and our advisors.

We believe in the power of the blockchain to create more seamless processes for workers, corporations and governments. Join us in our journey to the future of recruitment.