We want to share our projections on FDU usage and therefore value within the next few years.

Fiduxa aims to fill a gap in the recruitment market securing and certificating the skills of a job seeker with different certification levels based on the type of certification the user wants to perform.

We strongly believe that this kind of service will give huge advantage to every player involved in the hiring process:

  1. Job seekers will be able to represent their capabilities clearly, avoiding the typical issues present in writing a CV. They will not have to pay for CV writing companies as the skills will be normalized an presented with an appropriate score/rating.
  2. Recruiters will save time and minimize the risk of selecting people that claim skills that they really do not possess. From hundreds of CV selected/received now they will be able to order the results by skills level or to directly select the required skillser and perform an exact search
  3. Certificators will have a unique platform that they will use to avoid false certifications. At the same time certificators ecosystem will grow with new players including single expert in defined fields that will easily be able to earn money certifying job seekers.

So we won’t only address the existing 550 Billion$ market but we will also help expanding it rapidly.

Thanks to this, our business analysts have predicted that Fiduxa will be able to play a key role in the recruitment market with the following high level rates:

  1. within 3 years Fiduxa will be handling 0,1% of the market, for a total of 550 Million$
  2. within 5 years Fiduxa will be handling 0,9% of the market, for a total of 4,95 Billion$
  3. within 8 years Fiduxa will be handling 3,5% of the market, for a total of 19,25 Billion$

Naturally these amounts while representing the overall usage of our coin FDU in the market, will represent a certain % of our projected turnover that will include not only these transactions but also B2B services.

Regarding therefore our coin, FDU, we are issuing 100million coins that at full rate (without bonuses) have a total value of approximately 25million dollars, e.g. 0,25$/FDU.

If we want to analyze therefore the intrinsic value of the FDU token within 3,5 and 8 years as before, the following projection will apply for the next 3 years:

FDU Token 2018–2021

and for the following 5 years:

FDU Token 2022–2026

these values are calculated by dividing the market size by the number of circulating tokens, with a certain reduction% due to tokens being hold by owners.

Indeed the effective value will be a multiplicator of the previous value as the market will be using it for other B2B activities and therefore the available quantity of tokens will be lower than the total issues.

It will be, from the other side, unlikey that its value would be below the indicated ones as the required amount will be not enough to satisfy the request: this would create the opposite effect as the value will have to grow to handle the market needs.