Yes folks you can get some FDU tokens just for registering and become part of the future of recruitment.

FDU is the token that will be the lifeblood of the Fiduxa system. Simply put, job seekers will gain tokens for all kinds of activities, such as certifying their own qualifications or those of others.

On the other hand, companies will find it more cost effective and convenient to use FDU to oay for certified prospective employee data.

For the pre-ico period till the 12th March, you lucky holders of etherium or bitcoin can acquire FDU with a 40% bonus. And yes, just for registering, you can also get 10 FDU for free.

So that’s 10 FDU just for registering and 40% bonus with FDU you acquire.


What is there not to like?

Get your free FDU by registering at