April 25, Rome, Italy: Fiduxa and CIMEA today announce a collaboration to publish certifications of education on the blockchain through the Fiduxa technology stack with the new Education Connect initiative. This collaboration will bring true digital automation to CIMEA users, bringing ease of use and trustful digital certificates that Universities and prospective future employers can trust, internationally.

CIMEA’s Credential Information Service – CIS, a credential evaluation service of certification and comparison of Italian and foreign qualifications, with a view to rendering qualifications increasingly more comprehensible and recognizable in a national and international context.


CIMEA has partnered with Fiduxa to digitalize the process of recognition of qualification (based on Lisbon Recognition Convention principals) and Credential Information Service CIS asking student related documentation tamper-resistant erasing any possibility of falsification of given certificates and qualification information.  


The Fiduxa platform has been chosen as it represents the most innovative solution in the field,  disrupting the global skills & competencies certification and recruitment industry through their innovative utilization of the blockchain technology. One of the biggest issues in the recruitment industry is the delay in gathering and verifying job applicants career documents, such as educational certificates. Fiduxa’s platform will offer access to a wealth of reliable information ensuring a trusted, transparent and effective recruitment process.


Beyond creating a permanent digital certification record, the Fiduxa & CIMEA solution will be providing value added services to graduates, employers and governments. Graduates will be able to upload further career documents onto the system, certify and normalize their skills based on international standards: such details will then be accessible all along their university and working career.


Luca Lantero, the Director of CIMEA, has explained the power of this new connectivity “The principal objective of CIMEA is to foster academic mobility in all aspects and Fiduxa helps us achieve this by providing a trustful digital certificate on blockchain that can help graduates to get a job in our country, internationally or prove their educational level to governments.”


Pietro Marchionni, co-founder of Fiduxa, commented: “This partnership with CIMEA is a terrific win-win initiative. We are very pleased to include CIMEA’s high quality and wide reaching international certifications into our network, which provides a large set of trusted data for the holders of degrees and higher education institutions. On the other hand, CIMEA will provide their users a user-friendly application to prove their educational achievements. Finally, CIMEA itself will benefit from administrative efficiencies from a true digital process within Fiduxa’s blockchain solution.”


Notes to Editors



CIMEA is the official Italian centre within the NARIC – National Academic Recognition Information Centres – network of the European Union and the ENIC – European National Information Centres – network of the European Council and of UNESCO.

Since 1984, CIMEA (Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence) has performed its focused activity of information and advisory on the procedures of qualifications recognition and on themes linked to Italian and international higher education and training. CIMEA supports academic mobility in all its forms and owns an international document centre and specialised databases on foreign higher education systems, on the types of qualifications of every country and on the national legislation in terms of higher education.



About Fiduxa

Fiduxa is a new digital record keeper, using the blockchain to simplify the recruitment process. The company offers an innovative platform for career documents, making it cheaper to hire, and be hired. By breaking the job-seeking cycle Fiduxa will shorten the gap in trust in the process, saving time and money.



What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital ledger in which transactions made in cryptocurrency are recorded chronologically and publicly.


For further information please contact:


CIMEA: info@cimea.it

Fiduxa: Maria Oreshnikova  marketing@fiduxa.com


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