CIMEA Launches first University blockchain in Italy

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16 July, Pisa, Italy: The University of Pisa, the first in Italy and among the first in Europe, is adopting state-of-the-art Blockchain technology in order to enhance mobility and internationalization in students' careers. The project, born from the collaboration between the University of Pisa and CIMEA, the Italian Information Center on Mobility and Academic Equivalences, member of the [...]

Fiduxa – CIMEA: Launch Education Connect

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April 25, Rome, Italy: Fiduxa and CIMEA today announce a collaboration to publish certifications of education on the blockchain through the Fiduxa technology stack with the new Education Connect initiative. This collaboration will bring true digital automation to CIMEA users, bringing ease of use and trustful digital certificates that Universities and prospective future employers can [...]

Fiduxa attends investor day

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On the 1st of April our co-founder Andrew Rippon chaired an investor meetup, ICO pitch session and panel in Dubai. Among other world renowned panelists, Andrew hosted the panel with Victor Larianov, Hans Henrik Christensen of Dubai Silicone Oasis and Pedro Pereira of SAP. A lively discussion was had on all the presented projects, in [...]


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Claiming Your FDU Tokens, Avoiding Ethereum Out of Gas It’s great to see many of you interested in getting FDU tokens. One aspect to consider when you send in ETH is the Out of Gas issue that several smart contracts run into. Luckily it’s a very easy issue to avoid. Just follow these [...]

Registration Bonus Till 12th March

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Yes folks you can get some FDU tokens just for registering and become part of the future of recruitment. FDU is the token that will be the lifeblood of the Fiduxa system. Simply put, job seekers will gain tokens for all kinds of activities, such as certifying their own qualifications or those of others. On [...]

Fiduxa is starting integration work

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A quick post to announce that the first integrations to systems of records is starting soon as we have identified multiple potentially useful connections. The aim of these first connections is to provide an enhancement to the existing submission capabilities available on the Fiduxa Alpha Release and to work more closely with recognized systems of [...]

How will the FDU token grow its value?

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  We want to share our projections on FDU usage and therefore value within the next few years. Fiduxa aims to fill a gap in the recruitment market securing and certificating the skills of a job seeker with different certification levels based on the type of certification the user wants to perform. We strongly believe [...]

How is the FDU Token going to help build the Fiduxa ecosystem?

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  We believe that skills certification will create a huge ecosystem where people will rate each other and certify correlated skills. As happens with any rating mechanism, it is important to give incentives to trustful certificators and discourage fake certifications. Now, how to push people to provide trustful certifications? The approach is to use a [...]

Episode 1: Why does the world need Fiduxa: Cost of Hiring

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In a series of blogs we are going to look at the reasons why the world needs Fiduxa. In this first episode we will examine one of the critical drivers, the cost of hiring. This particular wrinkle is one that just about every company and organisation in the entire world suffers from. It manifests itself [...]