Introducing FIDUXA

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The power of the blockchain to provide a trustful permanent certification of personal skills and competencies Website | White Paper |Telegram | Twitter | Linkedin | MVP Fiduxa is a blockchain startup on a mission to disrupt $550 billion recruitment industry, thereby saving corporations money and people time. Fiduxa is a platform to provide a trustful, permanent certification of skills and competencies. Along the [...]

Saving on hiring and onboarding with Fiduxa, a decentralised employee record trust engine

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  Automating hiring processes is nothing new. However there has always been one factor missing that causes the expenditure of a great deal of time and cost, namely trust. Mistakes in hiring can be no laughing matter. Aside from impacts on lives where mission critical roles are concerned, for example in the medical profession, hiring [...]

Cashing in on personal employment data with Fiduxa An interview with the co-founders

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Plenty of people have been talking about the value of personal data, Fiduxa is a new service that is doing something about it. According to co-founder Pietro Marchionni, Fiduxa is going to pay you their newly minted FDU tokens to submit your qualifications to potential employers. Hello! Why you may ask? How can that stack [...]