Fiduxa and CIMEA

CIMEA Launches first University Blockchain in Italy

Through our collaboration with CIMEA, Fiduxa Education Connect has helped the University of Pisa launch the first university blockchain in Italy.

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Fiduxa is a innovative service that enables people to certify their skills and competences in  one click. A Fiduxa-certified CV will help job seekers to easily and powerfully present their capabilities to recruiters without the hurdle of designing their CV with fancy formats. Fiduxa enables people to move jobs and countries more seamlessly. The trustful profile that we will create will allow from the other side recruiters to validate, attest, individuals and reduce onerous checking of hundreds of applicants. So the pain of validating background checks of professional qualification and past experiences all goes away. Fiduxa aims to disintermediate many of the processes required today to move employment, within or across borders.


Mobility is increasing, both in career moves and geographically. On the career mobility front, companies spend huge amount of money and man-hours in selecting candidates, checking their background and verifying the level trust and quality of their skills. Furthermore many skills are not considered in the same way in different companies and countries: a Project Manager’s skills in USA don’t match a Project Manager’s skills in Europe, Middle Ease or Asia.
Fiduxa removes all these obstacles and helps Job Seekers to move to a new job position whether is in the same country or at the other end of the globe by simplifying recruiter’s task in selecting the right candidate for the needed profile, independently from his location or capability in presenting his CV.


The Fiduxa team are building a totally distributed and autonomous mechanism for companies to validate a candidate’s past experience. Building on and collaborating with existing networks and corporate processes, Fiduxa is giving companies a significantly lower cost alternative for background validation. Fiduxa is developing AI enhanced algorithms to enhance the blockchain based trust engine.


The Fiduxa team aim to launch a consortium blockchain to drive decentralization of the evolving government digital paperless systems. By leveraging the decades of experience with government systems, cutting-edge work with smart cities and high level contact base, the team will add utility to the application through inter governments connectivity. In essence providing governments with a trusted partner.

Our white paper describes how we plan to disrupt the recruitment industry and the cross-border document attestation market and help millions of people move jobs more easily every day.

Fiduxa Presented to Dubai Future Accelerators

Events Attended by Fiduxa

  • Dubai Future Accelerator

  • UAE Blockchain Forum

  • Crytpto Cruise Investment Event

  • Adopting Blockchain

  • Blockchain in Oil and Gas

  • World Blockchain & Token Summit Dubai 2018

  • Blockchain Innovation & Investment Summit
  • Future Blockchain Dubai May 2018

  • HR Conclave Dubai April 2018

  • Government Blockchain Leadership Forum Washington 2018

Fiduxa Status Today

We have created the first MVP version of the certification process, with key functionalities that form the core of the application, including:

  • Multiple levels of certification, attestation
  • APIs for educational establishments
  • Integration to social networks
  • Blockchain integration
  • APIs to begin the next phase of integrations, including use cases such as corporate hiring

Fiduxa is starting integrations to systems of record, more soon >>

Moodle has 125 Million registered users.

Mahara is an evolving open source project.

Test Our Alpha Release Now


With our blockchain based platform, we are working with people, universities, companies and governments to ease the transfer between roles and locations with real-time, fully digital attestation.
Test Our Alpha Release Now

Example Token Usage

The fdu token will manage $550 million worth of recruitment transactions in the next three years


  • Seed Round

    Completed in September 2017. The seed round enabled the MVP build and ICO Crowsdsale preparation.

  • MVP Development

    Completed in December 2017. The MVP has built the underlying platform and first use case.

  • Pre-ICO

    Starting February 2018. The Pre-ICO targets individual investors and early adopters.

  • ICO

    Starting March 2018. The ICO will distribute the FDU token and raise funds for the next stages of development and marketing.

  • B2C Marketing Launch

    Launch the 1st March. The aim is to get users and awareness using the MVP platform.

  • B2B Sales

    Starting 1st July 2018. Post hires and set up, we will directly approach key corporates.

  • V 1.0 Live

    Live from 1st July 2018. The V 1.0 will fully implement the first use case for hiring.

  • Fiduxa Service Marketing

    Starting from the 1st July 2018. The marketing will encompass consumer, B2B and SME segments.

  • Fiduxa V1.5 Live

    Live from 1st December 2018 with skills marketplace

  • Fiduxa V2.0 Live

    Starting 1st July 2019 with AI Integration




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