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Fiduxa Roadmap

Check Fiduxa Roadmap below.
Fiduxa, the usable interface between people and their next step in life. We are creating a seamless decentralized world for job movers and employers by enhancing trust in recruitment. The Fiduxa team is already on the road to executing on the program. We’ve completed the seed round enabled the MVP build and ICO Crowsdsale preparation. For more details or if you have any questions, join our Telegram group or contact us.

  • Seed Round

    Completed in September 2017. The seed round enabled the MVP build and ICO Crowsdsale preparation.

  • MVP Development

    Completed in December 2017. The MVP has built the underlying platform and first use case.

  • Pre-ICO

    Starting February 2018. The Pre-ICO targets individual investors and early adopters.

  • ICO

    Starting March 2018. The ICO will distribute the FDU token and raise funds for the next stages of development and marketing.

  • B2C Marketing Launch

    Launch the 1st March. The aim is to get users and awareness using the MVP platform.

  • B2B Sales

    Starting 1st July 2018. Post hires and set up, we will directly approach key corporates.

  • V 1.0 Live

    Live from 1st July 2018. The V 1.0 will fully implement the first use case for hiring.

  • Fiduxa Service Marketing

    Starting from the 1st July 2018. The marketing will encompass consumer, B2B and SME segments.

  • Fiduxa V1.5 Live

    Live from 1st December 2018 with skills marketplace

  • Fiduxa V2.0 Live

    Starting 1st July 2019 with AI Integration