Fiduxa Team

Fiduxa today is a startup based on over 40 years of experience in the IT and Government Services businesses. Fiduxa team is serial entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology, security and multiple business verticals.

In case you were wondering, the name Fiduxa comes from the word “fiducia”, which means “trust” in Italian.

We believe in the power of the blockchain to create more seamless processes for workers, corporations and governments.

Pietro Marchionni
Pietro Marchionni co-Founder, Blockchain applications
22+ years of experience in information technology, large-scale systems and mobile applications. Pietro is a Committee Member for ISO TC 307 Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies standards. Pietro is an expert in government blockchain applications and is focused on blockchain implementations, including work with several governments across the world.
Andrew Rippon
Andrew RipponCo-founder
Andrew is a blockchain advisor and 20 year veteran in innovation. He is the tech savvy business guy in the group and is leveraging his network and experience in ecosystem building. Andrew is a regular speaker on crypto currencies, ICOs and blockchain for business and government.
Roberto Scano
Roberto ScanoStandardisation TC advisor
Roberto is head of Delegation for Italy in the European Commission for Standardisation TC 428 – Digital competences and ICT Professionalism. He was responsible for the first European norm for recognized third generation profiles for web professionals (UNI 11621-3:2016) and for ICT security professionals (UNI 11621- 4:2016).
Maria Oreshnikova
Maria Oreshnikova Project Manager
10+ years of experience in Project management and digital marketing. Maria is managing complex localization projects with large teams. She has international experience of management and service assurance of enterprise digital presence including web and social media management.
Donatella Maisto
Donatella MaistoMarketing Manager
+15 years of experience in legal and HR. She is supporting business from an HR perspective, with the awareness that this relevant sector, that has the human capital at the heart, must meet technologies to discover new frontiers.
Gianni Del Popolo
Gianni Del Popolo Media Manager
15+ years of experience in Media and Communication strategy. Gianni is professional video and audio producer.
Tim Skipper
Tim SkipperRecruitment & Legal Profession Expert
For over 20 years, Tim has led recruitment activities and has an in depth understanding of the processes and pain points in the industry. This experience has given him unparalleled market knowledge in recruitment and the legal profession.
Luca Ruggeri
Luca RuggeriPlatform design toolkit expert
ICT/TLC engineer working for many big corporations like Northrop Grumman, Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE. CTO and co-founder at Scuter, is a tech-startup bringing disruptive technology to the market in order to change the game in urban mobility.
Andoni Arostegi
Andoni ArostegiSoftware advisor
17+ years of experience code development. Andoni is Fintech software engineer with experience as CTO, operations VP and integration lead. Andoni is an advisor on specifics of code adaptations for massive scale critical transactions. Andoni is also a crypto enthusiast and develop the FDX token use cases.
Dagan Meek
Dagan MeekDirect Sales advisor
5+ years of experience in direct sales and marketing. Dagan structures direct sales channels for individuals and companies. He has join the crypto-industry few years ago and now he is mining Etherium and other cryptos. He supports the FDX token Smart Contract and its deployment to exchanges going forward.
Enzo Le Fevre
Enzo Le Fevre International Relations advisor
Senior Expert on international and European affairs at the Agency for Digital Italy. Enzo works in the coordination of the international relations of the Italian Task Force on Artificial Intelligence in the Public Service and with International Organizations and CSOs (UN, EU, World Bank, G7, G20 and WEF among others).
Fernando Jover Aparicio
Fernando Jover AparicioSmart Processes Consultant
After 18 years of consulting and research, Fernando is an expert on enhancing processes with smart technologies. His advice on how to disrupt processes covers multiple industries and regions.
Andreas Tsindo
Andreas TsindoBlockchain Process Advisor
Andreas has been establishing real world blockchain solutions for the last three years and has been an entrepreneur for the last 8. His area of advice lies in structuring blockchain processes.
Paul Bemowski
Paul BemowskiSoftware Engineering
Paul has been a software engineer since 1998 and has kept ahead of development in technology architectures such as Java. He also have considerable expertise on security and networks.
Farhan Ahmed
Farhan AhmedDigital & Networks Transformation
Farhan is an expert in digital transformation and has deep experience in networks and data centers. He as also advised several ICOs on cloud, hardware and networks.
Osama Elhassan
Osama ElhassanHealthcare Recruitment Advisor
As the Vice Chair at Global Advisory Council for Healthcare Workforce Osama brings a wealth of experience in Healthcare recruitment logistics.
Gilles Fayad
Gilles FayadAI and Emerging Technologies
Gilles has spent all his long career advising on the next technologies. He has been advising on AI implementation for the last two years and will also guiding with his startup incubation experience.
Isaac Meek
Isaac MeekSecurity Co-ordinator
Isaac is a crypto miner and security graduate working on smart contracts and tokens. He is currently running an Ethereum mining rig and is helping ensure a robust token.

Fiduxa team is building the single source of truth on certifications and employee history for Recruiters and Corporate Hiring departments. The Fiduxa team is already on the road to executing on the program. Check Roadmap to know what we are planning for the future. For more details, join our Telegram group