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You have just bought a house; you already have the keys and you are ready to move in. However, you still have a small stumbling block ahead: moving. Because, although a change of home may be exciting, it can also overwhelm us by having to make the move, sometimes with little time, almost “against the clock.”

Currently, the removals are not as cumbersome as they have been in a long time, since we have logistical means that facilitate the task and, thanks to which, we can dismantle a home, move it and assemble it again in just 48 hours. Of course, they will be intense days, in which every minute matters. But, with good planning, you can say goodbye to your old home and welcome your new one sooner than you think.

On the other hand, moving between two cities and even between two countries is not the same as moving from one neighborhood to another in the same location. Still, the organization is always critical.

At Sky Marketing we know the importance of making a good move for your comfort and to start this new adventure on the right foot. Therefore, in our company, you can also request the moving service to your new home.

Next, we give you these tips that can be very useful to achieve your goal.

Moving: 3 basic tips before, during and after the move 

Being positive, the key to success 

Our first piece of advice for moving is to be positive. Moving to a new home is important, and we can’t let work nerves or clutter spoil the moment. On the contrary, you should think about the possibilities that this change offers you.

It is also very interesting that you see all the good things about making a move. Although it is paradoxical, the obligation to do a thorough cleaning before moving home will help you establish priorities and get rid of everything you do not need.

Planning and order, essential in any transfer

Before making a move, you should draw up an ” action plan ” to be clear about what steps to follow or what you have to do before, during and after the move.

Basically, it’s about planning each task. We advise you to take all the time you need to do this, since you will surely have to combine your usual obligations with the organization of the move, and it is important that you do not miss any detail.

Also, remember that order should be a priority throughout the process, both when selecting what we take with us, and when boxing, transporting or unpacking it.

Your new home should be ready to welcome you

One of the best tips to make a good move is that your new home is ready. This means that it is clean and that you have solved small reforms such as painting, changing curtains, replacing appliances, etc. He thinks that assembling, placing furniture and unpacking boxes is a tiring and stressful process to which it is not advisable to incorporate these extra tasks.

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What do you need before moving in? 

Before making your move, you will also have to make some decisions and carry out various paperwork.

For example, you must decide whether to hire a moving company or not. This is one of the great dilemmas when making a move, and it depends on your needs, your time and the type of transfer you want to do.

If you finally hire a professional company, it is advisable that you ask for different estimates, that you check what services each one offers (ask, among others, if they include assembly and disassembly of furniture) and that you make sure that it complies with current regulations, has the appropriate insurance and all of its employees are hired. In this way, you will avoid problems if unforeseen events or mishaps of any kind arise.

Although moving companies usually provide all the necessary material for wrapping and packing, we advise you to ask if you need anything else. If you do the move on your own, stock up on boxes, bags, labels, etc. 

In addition, before moving you must complete these procedures:

  • Request the corresponding municipal permits. The most important is the Municipal License for the occupation of the public road, necessary if the moving truck is going to occupy the public road. You must request this permission at least 72 hours in advance. It may also be necessary to cut the total circulation of the road (in very narrow streets) and the Permit for loading and unloading. The latter must be requested after the municipal license for the occupation of the public highway.
  • Ask for a day off from work. In the case of removals from your habitual residence, and according to Article 37 of the Workers’ Statute, you have a full day to carry out your move.
  • Notify the change of address of supplies and/or the like so that the letters reach you at your new address.

One last tip to plan your move is that you consume perishable products and that you disconnect, at least 24 hours in advance, appliances that have liquid that can spill such as the refrigerator, the refrigerator, the washing machine, etc.

Tips to organize your move and basic tips for packing 

Some of the tips to speed up your move are:

  • Make a “survival” kit. Before packing, prepare a box with the basic objects that you may need during the first days installed in your new home. We are talking, for example, of kitchen utensils (cutlery, plates, glasses, a frying pan, a pot, etc.), sheets, towels, toiletry bag, emergency kit, etc.
  • Take an inventory. In this way, you will know what you are going to take with you and you will be able to check that everything arrives correctly at your new home.
  • Separate valuables. We talk about money, documents or hard drives, but also valuable objects such as some paintings, technology, lamps, glassware, etc.
  • Fill the boxes in order. This is very important to make the move and will be very useful to settle in your new home. We advise you to fill the boxes by room, using the larger ones for the lightest objects and the smaller ones for the heavier ones. In this way, the transfer will be easier.
  • Use bags for clothes. Although it is common to use suitcases to move clothes from one house to another, when we move the bags are more useful: they are lighter, take up less space and allow us to better organize our clothes and accessories.
  • Label everything. Each person has their own labeling methods, but it is advisable that we indicate in all boxes and packages which room they correspond to (living room, kitchen, bathroom), what they contain and if there is something fragile inside.

If you do the move yourself, it is important to load the boxes in order. If you have hired a company, we advise you to supervise their work in this regard.

Finally, unpack the boxes in the corresponding rooms and check your inventory to check that everything is in order.

We hope these tips are helpful to you when making a move. If you are looking for a house to start a new life, contact us. We have a wide portfolio of properties throughout Spain. We are your trusted online real estate agency Tajarat properties.



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