Why buy a house in the mountains?

house in mountains

Housing is always a good option to invest our savings. For this reason, traditionally, many people considered buying a second residence to make it their home during the summer, to spend weekends and holidays, or to rent it with the aim of obtaining a financial return.

However, the so-called “new normal” and the introduction of teleworking have caused the concept of “second residence” to take a 180-degree turn to become a second home away from the city and close to outdoor spaces.

For this reason, and although until now it seemed to be enough with a small apartment on the beach or in the mountains, at present the needs that we consider when buying a second home are very different in terms of size, location, facilities, etc.

The question is: are we in a good time to make this type of investment with Sky Marketing? The truth is that yes, since the price of housing in our country continues to fall and now it is possible to find good buying opportunities.

7 reasons to buy houses in the sierra 

Have you ever wondered why buying a house in the mountains is a good idea? Here we explain some of the advantages of this investment:

  • They are adapted to the new normal. The limitations of capacity and movement, together with the curfew, have made us rethink our way of life, and we see it increasingly important to find homes that, in addition to offering us space to rest, allow us to telework and be close to quiet locations, in contact with nature.
  • You can obtain profitability in the medium-long term. Buying a vacation home as an investment is a great idea, since renting a house in a rural area or in the mountains to disconnect from the routine and practice outdoor sports is a rising option to spend vacations and leisure time and that is why homes in mountain areas are increasingly sought after.
  • Taxes are lower. Generally, the houses in the mountains are located in small towns in which taxes such as the IBI (Real Estate Tax) or the circulation tax are lower than in large cities.
  • They are an alternative to spend long periods of time. Teleworking is here to stay. This change has allowed us to modify some of our routines and has opened our eyes to our residential needs. It has also allowed us to give a new use to second homes, in which spending long periods is now much easier. The only thing we need? Have good access to the Internet and have basic services (shop, schools, health center, pharmacies, etc.) nearby.
  • Selling them is easier. Houses in the mountains are in high demand and, if you need to sell your property to obtain liquidity, you will be able to do so in a short time. You can also recover your investment through rent: the benefits can be between 8% and 10% per year. This means that, in about 10 years, you can recover your initial investment, although the benefits may be greater if you buy a house in the mountains near climbing or hiking areas, winter resorts, national parks or spas.
  • You will be in contact with nature. Current recommendations include carrying out activities in open spaces, with fewer crowds and with as little social contact as possible. Second homes in the mountains are ideal for this: they are usually located in smaller population centers and are in contact with nature.
  • They are adapted to new life habits. Investors and buyers already prioritize that their homes have outdoor spaces such as terraces, garages, porches or gardens, extra rooms or lots of natural light. As a general rule, the houses in the mountains are very spacious and have this type of space and outdoor areas. 

What should I take into account before buying a house in the mountains? 

Buying a house in the mountains is a very important decision since it involves a considerable economic investment. The advantages are many, as we have explained. But, even so, before starting the search, you should evaluate the cost and maintenance that this type of property requires, both for residential or temporary use as well as for habitual residence.

To begin with, if you are going to buy a house in the mountains, you must calculate the time it takes to get there from your usual residence, your place of work or the nearest commercial area. This, which may seem secondary, is very important before acquiring a second residence, regardless of its location.

Another aspect that you should assess before buying a house in the mountains are the views. When acquiring one in the city, we may not take them so much into account and prioritize other aspects, but they are one of the main charms and advantages of country and mountain houses.

In addition, in this type of housing, the accesses and the characteristics of the environment (landscapes, services, nearby towns, communications, etc.) are especially important, since both not only significantly influence your comfort, but will end up conditioning the price of the property. housing and its possible revaluation in the market.

On the other hand, keep in mind that rehabilitation can be a mandatory procedure to condition a house in the mountains and turn it into a warmer and more welcoming place. In this case, you will have to take into account the expense you are willing to assume or the type of reform you want to make. Of course, also think that the investment will greatly increase the value of your property.

On the other hand, and although most of the country houses withstand the passage of time well, it is advisable to check the general condition of the house before making a final offer for it. In this case, you must pay special attention to the state of the facilities, especially air conditioning and heating. Currently, the trend is to bet on clean energies, such as solar panels, aerothermal systems, biomass stoves or similar solutions that, in addition to being sustainable and respectful with the environment, allow us to save on our energy bills (electricity, gas, fuel, etc.).

The demand for second homes and rural tourism accommodation is a reality, and the houses in the mountains fulfill this double function. Also, buying a second home is always a good investment.

If you are looking for a home in the mountains or in a charming natural enclave, contact Tajarat properties. We are your trusted real estate agency, and we offer you the best advice to find a second home adapted to your needs. Talk later?



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