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Manufactured homes are homes built on the basis of a modular system. This type of house has become popular in recent years, and is an option to buy a home or build a house, both in the country and in the city, due to its many advantages with Sky Marketing.

Within the prefabricated houses there are different models that make it easier for this construction standard to fit in with all kinds of budgets. Among them, the luxury prefabricated houses stand out, which combine functionality and exclusivity.

Far from what it may seem, these types of homes are within the reach of many people and have the details and characteristics of high standing villas, both in design and in materials or finishes.

Types of prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses are constructions made from standardized pieces, as if they were large puzzles, made in advance in a factory and which are “assembled” directly in the place where the house will be located.

In the market there are different models of prefabricated houses that we can classify according to their mobility (there are mobile homes and other fixed houses that, once they are installed on their corresponding plot, they can no longer be moved) or the materials with which they are used. that are manufactured.

According to this second classification, we can differentiate between:

Prefabricated wooden houses

They are the most popular and inexpensive. One of its main advantages is its lightness, which makes it easy for the home to be transported without problem. In addition, these types of prefabricated houses are sustainable, offer good natural insulation and can be customized. Their main cons is that they need more maintenance.

wooden prefab house

Prefabricated Steel Houses

These houses are characterized by being very resistant, having great insulation and being easy to transport. In addition, since steel is an easy material to work with, the aesthetic possibilities are practically endless.

Prefabricated concrete houses

These are houses built with concrete blocks that form independent modules and are assembled on site. This type of prefabricated house does not need maintenance and offers good thermal and acoustic insulation, which facilitates energy savings. They are also considered very resistant.

Many luxury manufactured homes are made of this material, as it allows for a wide variety of designs.

Features of luxury manufactured homes

Luxury prefabricated houses meet the highest quality standards on the market. Its main characteristics are:

  • Big size.
  • Excellent distribution in the spaces inside the house.
  • Location in exclusive areas.
  • High quality coating materials.
  • High quality finishes.
  • State-of-the-art equipment, appliances and technological facilities to guarantee comfort and safety.
  • Personality and own style.

Luxury Prefab Home Design

The luxury houses are characterized by their good architecture and by having facilities that make them unique (swimming pool, terrace, spa, sauna, gardens, etc.).

Generally, luxury prefabricated houses conform to this same idea, providing designs based on straight and minimalist lines, based on very simple spatial concepts.

Most of them have double height and offer open spaces. Some have natural stone façade cladding and elements such as cantilevered staircases, large windows or large thicknesses of walls, many of them made of noble and high-quality materials such as wood, granite, marble or glass.

On the other hand, this type of house not only stands out for its exterior but also for its interior. That is, because of the finishes and the comforts they offer.

In fact, in the design of luxury prefabricated houses, functionality is very important. This often implies optimizing layouts, reducing superfluity as much as possible or adopting efficient installations that, in addition to saving, help us achieve more comfortable stays. Technology plays a fundamental role in this regard.

Advantages of buying a luxury manufactured home 

  • Price. The cost of a luxury manufactured home is lower compared to a “traditional” luxury home. In fact, these types of houses are between 22% and 34% cheaper than properties from conventional construction.
  • Quickly. Its construction is fast. The manufacture of the modules is industrial in terms of techniques, processes and procedures. The time invested in its assembly, once the foundation is made, is half that of a traditional house.
  • Customization. The design of the prefabricated house modules is fully customizable. Although the modular manufacturing system is standardized, you have the freedom to choose finishes, shapes and materials depending on your tastes, your budget and the urban regulations of the land where the home will be adapted.
  • Efficiency. Luxury manufactured homes are designed to consume less energy than traditional buildings. To begin, the quality control procedures of its elements are superior to that of traditional construction work situ. In addition, modular homes have the capacity to generate heat by themselves and maintain the temperature inside for longer. Finally, luxury homes incorporate state-of-the-art technological systems that facilitate energy savings.

Do you want to buy a luxury manufactured home? This is what you should know 

Despite its advantages, many people are “prejudiced” toward manufactured homes. In addition, this market is very heterogeneous and the maintenance of each property differs depending on the materials used.

For example, wooden constructions have higher maintenance costs, while fair-faced concrete tends to deteriorate aesthetically and it is necessary to check the silicone joints periodically.

On the other hand, before buying a manufactured home, you must perform several calculations to know its real cost.

The price of the house will depend on the material used, the size of the house and its design. To these expenses, you must add the cost of acquiring the plot where the house is installed, the construction project, the construction management, the permits, the licenses and the interior equipment, which will be similar to that of a traditional home.

Regarding financing, manufactured homes that need management and hook-up to water and power supplies (fixed) are considered real property, while houses that can be transported (mobile) are considered movable property.

In the first case, you can apply for a mortgage with your bank. Of course: the house must be correctly registered in the Property Registry and be built on developable land, according to the Building Planning Law (LOE) and the Technical Building Code (CTE). You must also request the certificate of occupancy and the first occupation license certified by the corresponding town hall.

Thinking of buying a house? Are you studying different options to invest in housing? At Tajarat properties we are experts in the real estate sector. We operate throughout Spain and, if you wish, we will help you find the house that suits your needs. Call us and find out.



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